About Us

PT. Putra Samudera Perdana is a Company that Understand the inportance of quality. by combining the very highest standard of production and technology with a depth of experiance and knowledge and offering a construction process that benefit from the time honoured traditions of Indonesia Craftsmainship.

Our Vision

  • To Offering Maximum Velue to  Our Costumer
  • Povide Our Product &  Our Service When Our Costumer Need Them
  • Build the Good Coopperataion to Our Costumer

Our Mission

With an acute awareness of our social and envoirinmental responsibility while providing the highest level of quality in our product and our services with an uwavering comitment to costumer satisfaction.

Family Statment

We are a small family run bussines, wich helpus understand the importance of our profesional relationship

We are also renowned for our friendly and helpful costumer service support, Our knoledge experts are always available to provide guidance for compliace and lagislation issues, as well as talk in detail about product that we offering

Safety Satatment

Safety is te forefrontof every discussion oil an gas,shipping and shipyard worker can not be effective if they have to wory about their safety.


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